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Privacy Policy

We collect your personal information which is provided by you. These informations will be used for your specific requirements unless we are allowed to use them for other purposes, such as booking your domain with your personal information.

Cookie Policy

Our website uses tracking to know your browser type and operating system in order to provide a suitable service for the largest number of visitors. We don’t save your personal information unless you provide any information through it, which will automatically link it to the cookies to process your request only.

Distribution of information to official entities policy

We certainly cooperate with all governmental entities and major companies specialized in preventing fraud or deception, and we believe that everything we provide does not violate the policies agreed upon by the countries. We allow it in accordance with the available law in each country and we try to prevent and defend against any illegal activity or one that contains fraudulent traits. We disclose any violations that have already occurred and provide information to the relevant parties. It is important to note that this information will not be provided for marketing or any other purposes, as this is solely a policy followed for official entities with the required proof.

Information Security Commitment

Your personal information will remain in the hands of trustworthy individuals, such as employees and management, who have agreed to keep this information safe and confidential. They are the only ones who have access to this information. You have the right to reject receiving all of our electronic messages and newsletters.