Customer Rights

Providing protection and stability for the servers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Maintaining the full confidentiality of the customer’s personal data and not disclosing it to any party except the relevant governmental authorities.
Responding to support tickets within 5 minutes to 1 hour.
Technical support provided by the company only includes network and server problems, and does not cover website content such as forums, file hosting, and other scripts. However, we can provide technical support for website content for a fee to our customers.
Customer information is only used for registration and account creation purposes, and will not be sold or
used for any other purposes

Website content responsibility

It is prohibited to post any content that violates Islamic law, is obscene, defamatory, racist, terrorist, or destructive.

The client is fully responsible for the content of their website and the websites of their clients, and they alone are accountable for any violations.

Violation of intellectual property rights, copyright, or materials requiring the owner’s permission to publish is strictly prohibited.

The client must take the necessary precautions to safeguard their website content, such as external backups and domain data.

Hosting websites for hackers, pirated software, or proxies is strictly prohibited, and any violating website will be suspended.

The use of unlicensed programs and scripts on the server is strictly prohibited, and any violators will have their website closed until licensed (in case of notification about their website).

Hosting websites that provide sexually explicit content that violates social values is prohibited. If a client’s website is found to provide any sexually explicit content, the website will be immediately suspended, and they are not entitled to any refund or a copy of their website.

The use of mailing lists or sending spam messages is prohibited, and anyone who does so will be fined to

restart the service.

Service Provision

Hosting and domain services will be provided within a period ranging from 5 to a maximum of 60 minutes after receiving payment.

Removing the company’s copyrights is strictly prohibited without obtaining prior approval from the company.

Any attempt to hack into the company’s servers or the private websites of its clients through your website

will result in the permanent deletion of your account without any refund. Legal action may also be taken.

Hosting Services: Hosting and domain services will be set up within a period of 5 to 60 minutes upon receiving payment.

Removing the company’s copyright without permission is strictly prohibited.

Any attempt to access the company’s servers or a customer’s private website through your own website will result in permanent account deletion without any refunds. Legal action may also be taken.

Domains: Domains will be reserved and activated automatically once payment is made and the customer’s invoice is generated from their account area.

Customers can transfer their domain after 60 days from the date of reservation through the company.

We cannot change the primary domain name for the customer’s website, and to do so requires payment of a fee for a new domain reservation.

Subscription fees for the company’s services are paid upon receipt of the invoice from the customer’s account area.

Subscription fees may change due to changes in services or currencies.

The customer agrees to pay any additional fees that may be charged on the invoice due to price changes or currency differences.

Renewal fees for services must be paid 15 days before the renewal date at the latest.

A penalty of 5% will be imposed for each day of delay without prior permission from the company’s management.

If the customer is 15 days late in payment, the service provided to them will be cancelled, and they will not be entitled to a copy of their website.

Fees paid for the company’s services will not be refunded for any reason except if the company refuses to provide the service.

Payment and Financial Transactions

The client is responsible for paying all transfer fees, and no service will be provided until all fees are fully paid.

If payment is made through bank accounts or transfers, the client must provide all required information to activate the order.

Bank deposits and transfers that have not been followed up by the owner for 45 days will not be claimable, and the owner cannot claim any services from the company.

Cancellation of Service

The client may cancel the service at any time, but no refunds will be made for the remaining period.

If the client does not renew the service or contact us before the renewal date, the service will be terminated automatically by the system.

We keep a backup copy of the client’s website for only 15 days as a precaution after the end of the service. After 15 days, the client cannot receive any copy.

Disputes and Disagreements This agreement is a binding contract for all users of the company’s services, and the client agrees to all terms and conditions.

If the client violates these terms, this agreement will be presented to the Egyptian judiciary or the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to resolve any disputes between the client and the company.

Modification and Amendment Rights

The company reserves the right to update the terms of use at any time without consulting subscribers, and subscribers must review this page periodically to check for updates.

The updated terms and conditions apply to all current and previous subscribers to the company’s services.